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Jul 1, 2010 5:30pm EDT
e-this year record 17,000 u.s. students applied to the naval academy. >>> diet including olive oil can bb of great significance check. as eesy as adding more virgin olive oil to your diet. sign test ii spain found it was associated with higher accidents of be mean breast tumors. doctors say this is -úyet another reason wwmen should try to adopt ahmed taken an tie it. when you celebrate the fourth of july be awar of how you eat and what. doctors at the ggeater food cold. cook food at the right temperaturr and if deprosing food do it in a frig not at room ttmperature. e.nothing should be sitting out for more than 2 hours. some peeple actually say more ttan an hour and nything out there for a long team gives the tp for bacteria to grow. >> yys. hat well cause you to get have had poisoning. >>> chron he can condition millions of americans. had few treatment until now. some doctors using laser tt help sufferer produce tears and they say it is quick, easy and safe. e.many people are getting off the drops and some thh tell investigation debut. creatures were born nd why the b
Jul 2, 2010 5:30pm EDT
traffic trouble spot as the holiday weekend now gets under way. >> hello. >> the u.s. marine shot and killed inside a baltimore night club. explain why a celebrationto turns quickly into a tragedy. miranda. >> the shooting happened around 3:15 this morning inside the queen hook a lounge behind me near he area known as the block. police say 26-year-old chase henry love of new orleans was inside the after hours lounne with fellow marines celebrating their upcoming deployment to afghanistan. but at some point police say a fight broke out and love was fatally shot in the chest on the dance floor. >> we nned people to start getting outtage. his is a war receipt van one returning to afghanistan for second tour of duty tt serve his country reason at all.n for no good >> and police say they are talking to witnesses and even some of the businesses around here to try to figure out what happened but so far they have no clear motive and have not identified any suspects. we are live in downtown baltimore, fox 45 news at 5:30. >>> okay thankkyou very much. this latest murder comes as the
Jul 13, 2010 5:30pm EDT
appen every year ii the u.s. farmers will now be required -úto do more test for salmonella -úúnn largeescale farmers will also have to keep eggs refrig transportation.ooagg and >>>. >> audio tape belieeed to be >> i'm not thh one too% threaten. ⌞> i'm threattning.i'll put you in a bleep. bleep. %úwas first released by the web gibson struck her innthe face. kimmis locked in a bitter custody dispute over their angeles sheriff's office has úlunched an investigation. a gibson spokesman declined to comment oo the tape. >> the dr. nooton is removed from the actiin movie ecauue they say he's not talentedd% enough. norton of course was raiied in columbia, maryland before e made ii big in holllwood. this is video of norton at the premier f the haak when he played in the film but won't reprieve the an actor that embooy the creativity and collaborative sprt of other talented cast members. ortonnrep say the decision was ll about money. >>> yes baby. whoa. >> screams and tters of joy from one very lucky woman in maryland. how shh won 1 million dollar lottery prize. still head. >> [ male
Jul 14, 2010 5:30pm EDT
. coming up next is ""riends" . see yoo laterrte editioo at 11:. realtime closeddcaptioning u.s. captioniig commany
Jul 19, 2010 5:30pm EDT
so big there is no us to our quession of tte day. do you think the u.s. intelligence system is flawed? go tt our web site and let us know. also sound offfof course on facebook. send us a tweet at fox baltimore. text us at this number on the screen. the a.for yes and b.for no. and response might -úair tonight on fox 455news at ! >> best known for his innependent wook. >> but directoo kevin smith works with two big stars in his latest project. kandace has tonight's low downn >> thank you jennifer. kevii smith worked on a tried and true genre. the you can decide if it was the right move when cop out comes to the ddtectivee. >> ight way f doing police work. theee's aawrong way of dding t. then thhre'ssa way thaa you 2 idiot do it. >> oo missson to find a -úgannster. director kevin smith says the dvd is an opportunity to include footage >> sometimes you have very funny stuff that ii going to hhsteriial and no ppace in tte -úmovie. yourself when the movie comes c to dvd tomorrow. >> show timm fella. >>reporter: our next pick is tte comic book adaatatiin the loser. morgan
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5